Leveling PotsEdit

The first 10 levels, and level 42, unlock special pots. You can have as many of each of these pots in your garden as you like (within the garden item limit).


Oldbucket Claypot Seashell Upturnedmushroom

Old Bottle

(level 1)

Old Bucket

(level 1)

Clay Pot

(level 2)

Sea Shell

(level 3)

Upturned Mushroom

(level 4)

Mini gold2 Mini gold3 Mini gold5 Mini gold5 Mini gold5
Alchemypot Goldenpot Coconut Teacup Woodenbucket

Alchemy Pot

(level 5)

Golden Pot

(level 6)


(level 7)

Tea Cup

(level 8)

Wooden Bucket

(level 9)

Mini gold5 Mini gold5 Mini gold5 Mini gold3 Mini gold5

Rusty Bucket

(level 10)


Mushroom PotsEdit

Only magic mushrooms can be grown in mushroom pots.

150 empty 151 empty 152 empty 153 empty
158 empty 159 empty 160 empty 161 empty
Mini gold10 Mini gold10 Mini gold10 Mini gold10
154 empty 155 empty 156 empty 157 empty
Mini gold20 Mini gold20 Mini gold20 Mini gold20

Cactus PotsEdit

Only cactus plants can be planted in cactus pots.

122 empty 670 empty
Cactus Pot Tall Cactus Pot
Mini gold5 Mini diamond100

Bonsai PotsEdit

Bonsai pots can only grow bonsai plants in them, beginning at level 11.

111 empty 114 empty 116 empty
Mini gold5 Mini gold5 Mini gold5

Magical PotsEdit

Magical pots have special properties, and cannot be disgarded. Many of these pots help create garden effects .

660 empty 661 empty 662 empty 663 empty
Pink Marshmallow White Marshmallow Rainbow Cup


Mini diamond250 Mini diamond250 Mini diamond100 Mini diamond1000
The flowering Rosa Amora will create a pink sky and daisies effect. The Cumulus Albiflorus in this pot will help create clouds in your garden. Plant Bellis Lycaena for coloured skies, and Rainbow Butterpillaflora for a rainbow. Plant Solaris Igniflorus for a sun and Luna Serena for moons, and both for an eclipse effect.
664 empty 670 empty 671 empty 672 empty
Star Pot Tall Cactus Pot Black Pot White Pot
Mini diamond100 Mini diamond100 Mini diamond500 Mini diamond500
Plant a Stella Vellaflora in this pot for a starry sky with shooting stars. Plant a cactus in this pot for a desert scene. Plant a Tulipa Praecocia for a black tulip that can help attract zebras. Plant a Tulipa Praecocia for a white tulip that can help attract zebras.
675 empty 678 empty
Aurora Stone Old Boot
Mini diamond75 Mini diamond250
Plant multiple Piscis Aquabullae plants for a Aurora Borealis effect. Ventus Quatriflorus planted in this pot help animated other cloud effects.

Pond PotsEdit

Pond rocks are single-use pots; you will have to buy another when you've used up the first.

901 empty 902 empty 903 empty 904 empty
Red Rocks Orange Rocks Yellow Rocks Green Rocks
Mini pinkdiamond10 Mini pinkdiamond20 Mini pinkdiamond30 Mini pinkdiamond40
905 empty 906 empty 907 empty
Blue Rocks Indigo Rocks Violet Rocks
Mini pinkdiamond60 Mini pinkdiamond80 Mini pinkdiamond100

Fairy Tale PotsEdit


Topiary PotsEdit

You can only grown topiaries in these pots.

286 empty 287 empty 288 empty 289 empty
Red Topiary Pot Orange Topiary Pot Yellow Topiary Pot Green Topiary Pot
Mini pinkdiamond10 Mini pinkdiamond20 Mini pinkdiamond30 Mini pinkdiamond40
290 empty 291 empty 292 empty
Blue Topiary Pot Indigo Topiary Pot Violet Topiary Pot
Mini pinkdiamond60 Mini pinkdiamond80 Mini pinkdiamond100

Gift PotsEdit


Halloween PotsEdit


Zodiac PotsEdit

Zodiac pots are a type of gift available at various times throughout the year, in homage to modern western zodiac tradition. The pots can be re-used for non-zodiac plants.

Capricornpot Aquariuspot Piscespot Ariespot Tauruspot Geminipot


Dec 21 - Jan 19


Jan 19 - Feb 18


Feb 18 - Mar 20


Mar 20 - Apr 19


Apr 19 - May 20


May 18 - Jun 22

Cancerpot Leopot Virgopot Librapot Scorpiopot Sagittariuspot


Jun 21 - Jul 22


Jul 21 - Aug 23


Aug 22 - Sep 23


Sep 22 - Oct 23


Oct 22 - Nov 21


Nov 21 - Dec 21

Limited Edition PotsEdit


Hand-Painted (Custom) PotsEdit