Piscis Aquabullae
Piscis Aquabullae
Price 5 gold
Level 20
Rainforest Saved 4 sq ft
Wilts After 24 hours
Dies After 48 hours
Fully Grown 4 days
Ready For Harvest 14 days
Varieties 7
Seasonal No
The fish in the creek said nothing. Fish never do. Few people know what fish think about injustice, or anything else.

– Ursula K. Le Guin

Piscis Aquabullae is a flower available for growing in gardens level 20 or over. Its fruiting state is of a fish in a bubble.

As a flower key to advancing garden level, is available to grow at all times, once the appropriate level to unlock it has been reached.

Varieties Edit

The Piscis Aquabullae has 7 color and fruit variations: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The color of a flowering or fruiting plant can be changed using Sparkle Dust.

Flowering RedPiscisAquabullae OrangePiscisAquabullae YellowPiscisAquabullae GreenPiscisAquabullae BluePiscisAquabullae IndigoPiscisAquabullae VioletPiscisAquabullae
Fruiting RedBubblefish OrangeBubblefish YellowBubblefish GreenBubblefish BlueBubblefish IndigoBubblefish VioletBubblefish

Wildlife Effects Edit


Note: Fruiting varieties shown in table. Please see an animal's page for details on whether it is attracted to the flowering or fruiting version of a plant. 

RedBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon sealIcon kingpenguinIcon puffin
Red Kingfishersealking penguin and puffin.
OrangeBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon kingpenguinIcon puffinIcon otter
Orange Kingfisherking penguinpuffin and otter.
YellowBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon puffinIcon platypusIcon sealion
Yellow Kingfisherpuffinplatypus and sea lion.
Icon kingfisherIcon sealIcon kingpenguinIcon walrus
Green Kingfishersealking penguin and walrus.
GreenBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon walrusIcon platypusIcon otterIcon bluejay
Blue Kingfisherwalrusplatypusotter and blue jay.
BlueBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon walrusIcon otterIcon sealion
Indigo Kingfisherwalrusotter and sea lion.
IndigoBubblefish Icon kingfisherIcon sealIcon platypusIcon sealion
Violet Kingfishersealplatypus and sea lion.


The red variety deters the walrus, platypus, otter and sea lion.

The orange variety deters the seal, walrus, platypus and sea lion.

The yellow variety deters the seal, king penguin, walrus and otter.

The green variety deters the puffin, platypus, otter and sea lion.

The blue variety deters the seal, king penguin, puffin and sea lion.

The indigo variety deters the seal, king penguin, puffin and platypus.

The violet variety deters the king penguin, puffin, walrus and otter.


Plantings different colors of this plant in the Aurora Stone pot can create a light effect in your garden.

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