Eats Veggies, Bird Mix
Stays 55-60 minutes
Rarity Very Common
Diamonds 2
10th Seen Drops Forest Ruby Seed
Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck.

–Cassandra Clare

The mallard is one of the most common animals seen in fairyland. It can eat Veggies and Bird Mix from any feeding table.

Attracting Edit

Mallards will visit your garden regardless of what is planted in it, as long as there is a feeding table it can access.

Keeping Away Edit

The only way to deter mallardsss is to plant mushrooms in your garden. Mushrooms only repel mallardsss when they are fully grown; once they are fruiting/ready for harvest, they lose their deterrent powers. The Fairytale Toadstool does not deter the mallard.

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Trivia Edit

The mallard has several counterparts that will visit your garden in its place during certain holidays or events, or when a garden meets certain conditions.