Silhouette kingfisher
Eats Bird Mix
Stays 15-20 minutes
Rarity Very Rare
Diamonds 5
10th Seen Drops Forest Moonlight Seed
After the kingfisher's wing has answered light to light, and is silent, the light is still at the still point of the turning world.

–T.S. Eliot

The kingfisher is a bird that can be attracted from garden level 20. It eats bird mix from any feeding table.

It was added to the game in April 2009.

The kingfisher is also a real life bird found in many places throughout the world. There are over 90 species of kingfisher, most are brightly coloured, with little differences between male and female birds. Several species are threatened with extinction.

Attracting Edit

The kingfisher is attracted to any fruiting (ready to harvest) Piscis Aquabullae. The more plants in the garden, the more likely kingfishers are to visit.

RedBubblefish OrangeBubblefish YellowBubblefish GreenBubblefish
Red Piscis Aquabullae Orange Piscis Aquabullae Yellow Piscis Aquabullae Green Piscis Aquabullae
BlueBubblefish IndigoBubblefish VioletBubblefish
Blue Piscis Aquabullae Indigo Piscis Aquabullae Violet Piscis Aquabullae

Keeping Away Edit

Luna Serena

Trivia Edit