Festive White Mouse
Silhouette festivewhitemouse
Eats Any Food
Stays 55-60 minutes
Rarity Very Common
Diamonds 2
Special Features Every 5th seen drops garlands for the Festive Tree or eyes for the Snowman.
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

–Norman Vincent Peale

The festive white mouse replaces the white mouse under certain garden conditions.

Attracting Edit

Festive white mice will only visit (replacing the field mouse) in gardens where it is snowing. The Festive Tree, Ice Flower or Snowman will make it snow in your garden.

Keeping Away Edit

The only way to deter festive white mice is to plant mushrooms in your garden. Mushrooms only repel field mice when they are fully grown; once they are fruiting/ready for harvest, they lose their deterrent powers. The Fairytale Toadstool does not deter the festive white mouse.

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Trivia Edit