There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor.

–Oscar Wilde

30 gold GoldEdit

Gold is the main currency of Fairyland. It is is used to water plants, buy pots and seeds, and purchase other in-game items.

Ways of Getting Gold
Method Amount
3-Hourly Gold Mini gold5, Mini gold10, Mini gold20
Friend Gold
Gold Dust Mini gold5
Weekly Hidden Lady Bug
Magical Mushrooms Game Mini gold1, Mini gold2, Mini gold3, Mini gold5, Mini gold10
Snail Racing Game Mini gold2, Mini gold5
Levelling Mini gold20 per level
'First' Wildlife

Gold is the only currency directly purchaseable with real-world money. Gold can be brought as a gift for another user. Purchased gold comes with Stardust.

30 diamond DiamondsEdit

Diamonds are a reward currency in Fairyland, mainly gathered from spotting wildlife and having wildlife spotted in your garden.

Ways of Getting Diamonds
Method Amount
Spotting Wildlife Mini diamond2 - Mini diamond10
Mini Mushrooms Game Mini diamond1
Magical Mushrooms Game Mini diamond1
Diamond Dust Mini diamond5

30 pinkdiamond Pink DiamondsEdit

Pink diamonds are aquired by spotting wildlife within the first 5 minutes of its arrival in a garden. 1Mini pinkdiamond is awarded, regardless of what critter is spotted.

Pink diamonds are used to purchase certain pots and plants, such as Fairy Tale and Pond items.