Capricorn Astroflorus
Price Free Gift or 10 gold
Level Any
Rainforest Saved 2 sq ft
Wilts After 48 hours
Dies After 96 hours
Fully Grown 1 day
Ready For Harvest 3 days
Varieties 3
Seasonal December 22 - January 19
Goats are fierce, independent, at the beck of no man. Everyone, even the king, respects the goat.

–P.J. Hetherhouse, Tales of the Zodiac

The Capricorn Astroflorus is a seasonal Zodiac plant that attracts the Sea Goat and Baby Sea Goat.


Fg capricorn Rfh capricorn
Flowering Fruiting

Wildlife EffectsEdit



This plant does not help to keep any wildlife out of your garden.

Garden EffectsEdit

When the Capricorn Astroflorus is fruiting/ready for harvest, the constellation Capricorn and a starry sky will show in your garden for 7 days. You can extend the effect using Stardust.